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OCR Capture Solutions

OCR Software are used to convert paper documents into electronic data, so that you can handle the information in your computer system easily.

We use the latest OCR technology that enables us to read what is written on a document. These state of the art OCR technologies automatically captures data. We turn forms and invoices into images by using scanning software. It is from this image that the forms processing software can capture, interpret, verify and transfer information, from any source to any system. Software we use employee intricate interpretation engine that recognizes machine print, handwriting, checkboxes, barcodes - you name it, we read it.

We can scan and recognize any type of document in seconds. With considerable speed and accuracy, We can extracts information from paper, fax, email or web, and translates the images into a form that the computer system can handle - all with the help of OCR Software and the technique called Optical Character Recognition.

What happens is that the scanned document - which actually is just an image of the text and thus not editable - is analysed by the OCR scanning software and converted into computer-editable text. You don't have to enter information into your computer manually any more.

With an automatic information flow you save time and money while improving accuracy and efficiency in processing your documents - We simply make document handling faster and easier.