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Trados Memory Solutions

GlobalTech Creations harnesses "best of the industry technology" to produce fine translations. We have latest software available in the market like Trados to produce optimum excellence in its deliverable.

TRADOS is a translation software with set of inbuilt tools to enhance learning and make the overall translation process more efficient by use of past translation assets.

Ensures high quality translation

  • TRADOS allows easy use of past translations or terms, producing translations with consistent expressions.
  • It provides stable quality and is appropriate for translation of revised or amended documents.
  • TRADOS also allows us to respond quickly and correctly to customers' requests for changes of terms.
  • It allows translations with consistent, standard terms.

Reduces delivery time

  • TRADOS allows easy search of past translations or terms, eliminating unnecessary repetitive work.
  • It makes translation work efficient.
  • TRADOS allows shared use or integration of translation memory for work distribution, reducing the time required for translation.
  • It reduces delivery time by allowing work distribution.

Reduces costs

  • New sentences in the source language can be compared against existing translation memory to take statistics of repetitive expressions or calculate expected translation volume and time required.
  • It helps calculate accurate estimates and reduces costs.

Supports special document file formats

  • HTML, XML, SGML, Ventura, QuarkXPress, PageMaker
  • FrameMaker, Interleaf
  • It allows reuse of all document assets.

Allows use of past translations

  • Past translation assets can be loaded into translation memory even if they were produced without using TRADOS
  • It allows effective use of translation assets and translations with consistent, standard terms.