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Content Technology

GlobalTech Creations works on manuscript and digital file from a publisher and manage the content through its life cycle.

We manage the content through our Enterprise Content Management system that digitizes the manuscript into an xml format. Content in xml format is easily portable in any environment/devices/database or media CDs, games, and web pages.

Content digitization: We accept content from publishers in multiple formats such as application files, PDFs and hard copies. We convert the content into xml files before archiveng it.

Content conversion: We convert content for use in various media like books, e-books and interactive media. We develop layouts, templates, illustrations, designs including cover design, set type and convert monochrome to four colours.
   If books is already in the desired format, a PDF is created for the prepress. For e-readers, the appropriate file format is created. Using our Enterprise Content Management system, conversion to any format or media is quick and easy.

Content management: WE manage content in a collaborative environment. We provide publishers online access to their content. Publishers have read/write access to content online. Our Enterprise Content Management system ensures that the content is handled seamlessly and securely. Security of publisher's content is enabled through encryption and access control.